“What makes Tom stimulating is the feeling that he is speaking with you, not at you. Soon you find yourself looking at commonplace things in a slightly different light. Before long you are relating his stories to your own stories-and seeing them with a new perspective and rekindled enthusiasm.” Tom Sullivan’s passion is contagious.”

Betty White

“Tom Sullivan is truly a gift that keeps on giving as he shares the joys, passions, frustrations, and even the pain of a life lived to the fullest-undaunted by challenges few of us can even imagine. I want my children to absorb his message, and pass it along to their children.”

Former Senator Bill Brock

“Never before have I experienced such a spontaneous and heartfelt outpouring of sentiment over a speaker and a general session. Never have I worked with a presenter who so totally and seamlessly integrated the values and expectations of the audience with the message of the speaker. As an event organizer, I couldn’t have asked for more!”

Ed Simeone
Executive Producer

“I’ve been with Williams/Gerard for twenty-five years and there are very few speakers that can touch other lives and make a difference. You are one!”

Suzann James
VP/Executive Producer
Williams Gerard

“Thank you so very much for coming to our National Sales Meeting and Tom, for your outstanding talk to our sales force. It was easy to tell from the audience’s reaction that they enjoyed not only your words, but your understanding of them as people, and of the special culture, mission, and vision we are trying to create at First Horizon.”

Michael A. Leone VP of Sales
First Horizon
Pharmaceutical Corporation

“To say that you made a huge impact with our general managers, Tom, would be an understatement. You touched our hearts, you touched our minds, you touched our souls!”

Julia A. Stewart
Applebee’s Division

Client List

Tom Sullivan’s speaking career has spanned over twenty years, including over 2500 appearances for the Washington Speakers Bureau. Here is a brief summary of recent clients by industry.

Associations/Non Profit

Boys & Girls Club of America

Foodservice Sale & Marketing Association

Plano Forum

Contact Crisis Center


Northwest Mutual

MassMutual Financial Group

Prudential Financial

John Hancock



Hunt Oil Company


1000 Gem Seminars


Ernst & Young


ACS, Inc. State & Local Solutions

Summer Management Meeting

ACS, Inc. Commercial Solutions Kick Off

ACS, Inc. CSG Client Symposium

SUN Microsystems


CISCO Systems, Inc.


Young Presidents Organization

Lone Star Chapter