Audio/Visual & Rehearsal Requirements

The following AV specifications describe the ideal AV venue. Please discuss any questions with your agent to determine what is feasible for your event.
1. BABY GRAND PIANO: Please locate piano on the left side of the stage (as viewed from the audience).
2. STAGE OR RISERS: Please allow enough staging for Tom to be able to move comfortably from the piano bench to the front of piano. (Approximately 4 feet on each side).
3. THREE MICROPHONES: A. Vocal Mic: Shure SM 58 or EV N/D 257(Position on boom stand – left side of keyboard) Alternatives – Shure Beta 58 or 87
B. Vocal Mic: Same as above, positioned on stool in front of piano. Tom will present the body of his presentation from here.
C. Piano Mic: Barcus-Berry 4000N is preferred.
(Alternative: 2 EV N/D 308B)
4. BETA SP VIDEO: Large Screen — Front or Rear projection is fine. NO TV MONITORS.
5. STAGE MONITORS: 2-12″ Woofers and horn with separate EQ capability 31 Band EQ
6. EFFECTS UNIT: Either built into the system or external. If external it should be placed in the rack.
7. FOLLOW SPOT: Tom will move from front of piano to piano bench and back several times.